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Hello, my name is Gina and this is my garden equipment and supplies blog. For many years, I lived alone in a small flat in Sydney. It was quite a lonely existence. However, all that changed when I met a lovely man. We fell in love and I moved into his large home out in the country. My lover has a very large and wonderful garden. He taught me how to care for the plants and trees and how to use different forms of gardening equipment. I decided to start a blog to pass on everything I have learnt to others.


Get Out in the Garden

  • Two Types of People for Whom Garden Giftware Would Be a Lovely Gift

    13 April 2021

    Here are two types of people for whom garden giftware would be a nice gift. A person with a small house who struggles with clutter If you know someone who has a small house in which there isn't much floor space or many storage areas, and they find it hard to prevent their house from getting cluttered, then you might find it difficult to choose any physical gifts for them. If, for example, you were to get them a lovely wool throw or an oil painting, they might think that this gift is beautiful and be thankful for it but might also find that it just makes their small and cluttered house interior seem even smaller and messier.