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Hello, my name is Gina and this is my garden equipment and supplies blog. For many years, I lived alone in a small flat in Sydney. It was quite a lonely existence. However, all that changed when I met a lovely man. We fell in love and I moved into his large home out in the country. My lover has a very large and wonderful garden. He taught me how to care for the plants and trees and how to use different forms of gardening equipment. I decided to start a blog to pass on everything I have learnt to others.


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6 Reasons to Use Straw Mulch in Your Garden

Steven Lee

If you're not using mulch in your garden, you're missing a trick. Mulch can do everything from cutting down on weeding time to improving the nutrient content of your soil, so it's well worth investing in if you want your plants and flowers to flourish. Of course, you might wonder exactly which type of mulch to choose.

Straw isn't a common mulch material, but it's one you should strongly consider. Here are just six reasons why.

1. Straw is Eco-Friendly

Firstly, straw is very good for the environment — it comes from harvested crops instead of needing to be manufactured, so it's both natural and sustainable. It doesn't contain any dyes or chemicals that could damage your soil in the long run, and it's completely biodegradable. You can till straw mulch into your soil and trust that it will break down completely all by itself.

2. Straw Prevents Weed Growth

Straw isn't particularly strong, but laying straw mulch across your soil does provide a surprisingly robust defence against weed growth. Weeds will find it hard to poke through, and it's hard for any stray seeds to get underneath straw mulch in the first place. Some people use shredded newspaper to achieve the same result, but newspaper is unattractive and often impregnated with inks that aren't good for your garden.

3. Straw Deters Pests

Straw isn't just good at deterring weeds — it also keeps pesky pests at bay. Slugs won't like to move across that scratchy surface and will find it hard to get beneath it. Even birds will find it hard to get to any seeds below your straw mulch.

4. Straw Breaks Down Easily

Straw breaks down easily but relatively slowly, so your soil will be fed plenty of what it needs most at a steady rate. It's particularly rich in nitrogen, which is a big part of chlorophyll and therefore necessary for a lush, dense growth.

5. Straw Keeps the Ground Cool

Straw provides very good coverage, but it isn't particularly thick. That means it's great at keeping the ground cool. Because it covers your soil, even the sun's fiercest rays won't be able to do much damage. Because it's so thin, it doesn't keep heat in very easily, so your soil will cool off very quickly when the sun goes down.

6. Straw Looks Appealing

Finally, straw simply looks better than other types of mulch. Instead of having to deal with red or unusually dark mulches, you'll get a neutral appearance that highlights your plants and feels more natural.

Contact a mulch delivery service in your area to learn more about your mulch options.