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Get Out in the Garden

Hello, my name is Gina and this is my garden equipment and supplies blog. For many years, I lived alone in a small flat in Sydney. It was quite a lonely existence. However, all that changed when I met a lovely man. We fell in love and I moved into his large home out in the country. My lover has a very large and wonderful garden. He taught me how to care for the plants and trees and how to use different forms of gardening equipment. I decided to start a blog to pass on everything I have learnt to others.


Get Out in the Garden

  • Reasons To Cover Your Garden With Mulch

    17 June 2020

    If you're looking for a way to spruce up your garden, why not cover the garden beds with mulch? As well as adding decorative appeal, mulch will provide a bunch of other benefits. Read on to discover what these are.  Minimises Weeding  While you may enjoy creating your garden by planting plants and flowers, pulling up weeds is likely to rank lower on the pleasure scale. So any method to reduce this is worthwhile.